Battle for AvgerosEdit

Battle for Avgeros, commonly abbreviated to BfA, is a collaborative, fantasy short story written by an author under the username of Twelv. The story is posted in parts on iFunny.


While Battle for Avgeros has only one author, the story itself is a collaborative effort. Before Twelv began writing, he asked others to come up with some of the characters, including names, physical descriptions, backgrounds, and weapons. Even the story is sometimes influenced by those who created its characters, as Twelv takes into account the comments his readers make as the story is released.


Chapter 1 Edit

Part 1 Edit

An assassin in the small town of Cantre, named Brando Shekelshlomo, was called upon his employer, Tommy Wiseau, to meet in their hideout, The Hungry Lion. Tommy tells Brando that he has a huge plan to take over the continent.

Part 2 Edit

Unbeknownst to them, an ice elf named Kallister Livingston is watching over them and listening in on their conversation. Kallister leaves Cantre early in an attempt to beat Brando and Tommy to the capital.

Part 3 Edit

In the town of Caraban, three mercenaries wait in a tavern for a storm to end. One of the mercenaries, named Jackson London, convinces her partner, Chandler Bard, an elementalist, to use his magic to stop the storm so that they can make it to the capital sooner. When patrons in the tavern notice Chandler performing his ritual, Jackson uses suggestion magic to make them believe it is not happening. Later, when the patrons notice that the storm is gone, Jackson, despte the risk, uses her suggestion magic again to convince them the storm is still going on. Jackson faints from overuse of her power, and the third mercenary, Noah Strife, carries her out of the tavern.

Part 4 Edit

A man named Mize Eichel, formerly trained and cared for by a monk named Quinn Eichel, is approached by a woman of his age, named Sam Leroux. Sam asks Mize if he would escort her to the capital to help look for her friend. Mize wants to deny her, but he accepts under the condition that "Q" (nickname for Quinn) wouldn't have turned her down.

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